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We   buy Unique Vintage and
Antique Furniture

Do you have a unique or unusual piece of Vintage or Antique furniture that is long forgotten and little used?  Or something gathering dust in the attic that you would be willing to part with for a moderate price?   We are always on the lookout for an interesting project piece and yours just might be what we are looking for!

Please send an email with one or more photos of the piece. Please include the dimensions, and history of the piece if known, and the price you are asking. 

We will reply and let you know if we can accommodate the offering. 

Currently, we are limited to pickup in the

following areas: Roseburg & surrounding Douglas County, Eugene, Grants Pass, Oakland, Canyonville, Sutherlin, Winston, Winchester.  

Email Us
Or Call

Phone  (541) 373-1409

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