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 Farmhouse & Shabby styles looking tired?


Experience A Taste Of Vintage Glam

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Hazrat Inayat Khan


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         For The Perfect

         Finishing Touch

              To Your

          Favorite Room?


Whatever your style,your home is a reflection of you.

Unique,Classic,Romantic, Bold,Whimsical,Vintage or Bohemian? 

The Alley Peddler offers selections that can complete or inspire a new direction in your design. 

Browse the galleries of Furniture Artistry and Garden Inspired Decor.

You'll find what you love at

           The Alley Peddler

Best Garden Inspired Decor Furniture in Oregon

Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces in the country. From lush forests to french provincial vanity, Oregon is a nature lover's paradise. But what if you could bring a piece of Oregon's natural beauty into your own home? That's where The Alley Peddler comes in! We at The Alley Peddler specialize in handcrafted, garden-inspired decor furniture that is perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Our unique designs are sure to be a show-stopper in any home, making it the best-kept secret in Oregon. Whether you are looking for the perfect centrepiece for your living room or just the right accent piece to liven up a dull corner, our store has it all. From one-of-a-kind wall art to intricate centrepieces, there is a wide variety of decor pieces to choose from that will make any space look its best. Moreover, you can be sure that you are purchasing quality products made with careful attention to detail.

Choose the Garden Inspired Decorative Products for Your Home

If you're looking for home decor furniture that has a unique and creative style, look no further than our garden-inspired decor. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and intricate designs, these pieces are designed to add style and beauty to any home. From mid-century modern to classic antique painted furniture, the Alley Peddler's collection of garden-inspired decor is sure to bring a touch of nature into your home.

Our garden-inspired decor includes everything from vintage cabinets to garden-inspired home decor items such as apothecary flower frames, window art, beeskeps, french provincial vanity and more. Whether you're looking for something to bring a bit of nature into your home or to add a touch of class and sophistication, you'll find it all at The Alley Peddler. With our wide range of decor furniture pieces, you can be sure to find the perfect piece for your home that will fit in with your unique style.

Beautiful Antique Painted Furniture

One of the most popular products we have is our beautiful antique-


painted furniture. All of our pieces are carefully crafted using the best


materials and finished with a beautiful color palette to create an


inviting atmosphere. From tea boxes to jewelry armoires, each piece


is unique and adds a special touch to any room.

For those who appreciate more traditional pieces, we offer a collection of French-style writing desks, hand-painted tea boxes, and more. Each piece has been carefully chosen for its unique characteristics, making it a must-have for any garden-inspired décor collection.

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Joe Ruggiero

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